The BIG Weekend Schedule

VinylFest weekend is packed with things to see and do. Here's The BIG Weekend Schedule in-progress for planning your visit. Print or email it by clicking the icon in the upper-right. We'll add to this program as details are finalized.

ALERT: The schedule for 2014 hasn't been created yet, but here's the BIG schedule from the last show so you can see what to expect:



Friday Pre-Show


Celebrate the night before. Music, drinks and a movie.

  • Photo of dj spinning records at party7pm-10pm — Welcoming Party
    Our DJ spins some vinyl while guests enjoy a cash bar and relaxing atmosphere. Mingle with our VIP guests or just hang with friends.
  • 11pm-12:30am — Movie:
    Spinal Tap logo“This is Spinäl Tap” a film by Martin Di Bergi
    Best rockumentary about a band that never was...but resulted in 3 studio albums! A fan favorite placed on the best movie lists by The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly & Time Out of London. How could we leave this heavy metal band out? In honor of the film we'll turn it up to 11 at 11pm! (1 hr, 23 min)


Saturday Daytime


Day One: VinylFest opens for real. With lots to experience.

  • 10am-5pm — Dealer Room is Open!
    Scour our incredible room of dealers for great deals on vinyl records, posters, memorabilia and more!

  • 10am-5pm — Exhibits are Open
    See a collection of unusual album covers, guitars, and even take home a "bootleg" album cover starring YOU!

Exhibits and Activities


Weird Album CoverLP Covers – The Best, the Worst, and the Weirdest
....YOU decide which is which! Our DJ spins vinyl while you enjoy a great assembly of memorable album covers. From great to grotesque, they're part of the vinyl record experience!

Guitar photoGuitar Exhibit
Their impact on vinyl cannot be denied! Collectors of guitars see them as objects of beauty and of music. See article at right.

Rocker on GreenscreenBe a Rock Star!
Thanks to greenscreen technology, now you can be on your very own “bootleg” album cover with art by the legendary William Stout!!

  • Image of hand playing guitar11:00-1:00pm — Live Bluegrass Music
    Outside the Dealer's Room! Start your Saturday with the sound of Kentucky Bluegrass music played live.

  • Image of turntable arm on dollar sign12:30-1:30pm — Mark Dunn presentation: "Before the Needle Drops: Understanding the Process of Licensing Songs for Your Album"
    Mark Dunn is an award winning Licensing Analyst who works with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and is responsible for approving songs for projects released by The Universal Music Group and The Warner Music Group. These songs are used in projects by top artists in Country, Rock, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. Mark is going to share his experience and expertise with us as he discusses how to get music licensed!

  • Mark Ambrosino & Sojourn logo2:30-3:30pm — Mark Ambrosino Takes A Sojourn
    Mark's journey has taken him from drumming for Ray Charles and working with Whitney Houston to co-founding Sojourn Records. Mark shares how to be an independent artist and blend basics with new technology.

  • 1:30pm — Movie Double Feature:
    Stax Record Story photo“Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story”

    The most comprehensive story on the Stax Records company, who brought us musicians like Otis Redding & Issac Hayes. It has one of the rarest clips known of Albert King playing his Gibson Flying V "Lucy."  (2hrs, 35 min)
    “Stax/Volt Revue: Live in Norway in 1967”
    Video of the concert in Norway in 1967.  Got the Blues?  Pull up a chair & listen. (1 hr, 15 min)


Saturday After-Hours


The fun's just starting. Stay over for a night-full of entertainment!

  • Microphone with On the Air sign7:30pm-8:15pm — Olde Time Radio Show: War of the Worlds
    A live performance. You’re in the studio watching a group of professionals arrive to perform a classic radio script—but not all goes according to plan. Presented by the Actors of Unusual Size—and accompanied by a real Theremin!

  • Photo of Blessing Offor9pm-10:30pm — Blessing Offor In Concert
    This Kennedy Center award winning R&B/Soul artist performs in Louisville for the first time! Mark Ambrosino will be on drums.

  • 11pm-1am – Rockumentary
    “MC5:  The Unreleased Documentary”

    MC5 logoA Detroit based rock group of the 1960s & 70s who were relatively obscure at the time; the MC5 is considered very influential today. The US government actually took surveillance footage of their performance at the protests outside of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Mike Parks and Mark Ambrosino will be speaking before the movie. Mike was a roadie for MC5 & will share his experiences during the summer of '69! "I wanna hear a revolution out there...!"


Sunday Daytime


Day Two: A whole new slate of daytime activities.

  • 10am-5pm — Dealer Room is Open!
    Scour our incredible room of dealers for great deals on vinyl records, posters, memorabilia and more!

  • 10am-5pm — Exhibits are Open
    See a collections of unusual album covers, guitars, and even take home a "bootleg" album cover starring YOU!

  • Man-O-War album art10:30am-11:30am — Ken Kelly presentation: "KISS Destroyer to Coheed & Cambria: The Art of Fantasy in Rock"
    Renowned fantasy illustrator Ken Kelly created some of the great rock album covers. Come and hear his tales of working in the business of turning rock musicians into fantastic characters.

  • Photo of the word Gospel11am-1pm — Gospel Brunch
    Come into the hotel's Blue Horse Restaurant to enjoy a musical brunch in the church of good music! Performing live will be one of Louisville's own gospel groups, celebrating the word in song.

  • Close-up of Bliss Band album cover1pm-2pm — William Stout presentation: "Bootlegs: Covering a Secret Recording Industry"
    How does an artist become "legendary" for producing album covers for records that aren't legally supposed to exist? Listen as illustrator William Stout relates the stories from some of his most talked-about works for the records we weren't supposed to hear!

  • Image of audio tape and vinyl record3:30pm-4:30pm — Panel Discussion: "Pressing Vinyl – From Tape to Turntables"
    A panel discussion on the basics of turning the groove into grooves Our panel of guests will be discussing vinyl & how we get that incredible sound! Joining our panel of experts will be Jay Millar of United Pressing Records; the largest record pressing company in the United States!

  • 2pm-3:40pm — Movie:
    It Might Get Loud image“It Might Get Loud”
    This movie's about music and guitars, man! Jimmy Page, who founded Led Zeppelin, U2's The Edge & Jack White of The White Stripes, the Raconteurs & The Dead Weather star in this rockumentary. Hotel regulations may prohibit real Bics from lighting up, but feel free to pull up the lighter app on your smart phone and remember...It Might Get Loud! (1hr, 38 min)

  • 5pm — Show Ends!

 Come back and see us in 2014!