The BIG Weekend Schedule

VinylFest weekend is packed with things to see and do. Here's The BIG Weekend Schedule in-progress for planning your visit. Print or email it by clicking the icon in the upper-right. We'll add to this program as details are finalized.

ALERT: The schedule for 2014 is tentative and subject to change.


Friday Pre-Show


Celebrate the night before. Music, drinks and a movie.

  • Photo of dj spinning records at party7pm-10pm — Welcoming Party
    Our DJ spins some vinyl while guests enjoy a cash bar and relaxing atmosphere. Mingle with our VIP guests or just hang with friends.

  • Photo of gold statue from Kora10pm-11:30am — World Premiere Movie: Kora  
    (The movie is free for paid VinylFest attendees. If you just want to come for the movie only, admission is $5.)
    Be part of the premiere of Kora, a new feature film from director Beau Kaelin! It's a hypnotic, non-narrative movie, in the vein of such classics as Koyaanisqatsi or Baraka. Kora combines images from Chinese and Tibetan culture, focusing on the people and culture itself. Original electronic music score by William Bryan Ragland and guest track by Chris Vititoe.
    Running time is 1 hour 15 min.


Saturday Daytime


Day One: VinylFest opens for real. With lots to experience.

  • Image of Dealer Room10am-5pm — Dealer Room is Open!
    Scour our incredible room of dealers for great deals on vinyl records, posters, memorabilia and more!

  • 10am-5pm — Exhibits are Open
    See a collection of fantastic guitars, and even take home a "bootleg" album cover starring YOU!

Exhibits and Activities


Guitar JamsMike Parks Guitar Jams
Life-long rock guitarist who partied with Hendrix, opened for the Ramones, survived disco, and roadied for the MC5, will be hanging around playing his classic 1959 Stratocaster!

Guitar photoGuitar Exhibit
Their impact on vinyl cannot be denied! Collectors of guitars see them as objects of beauty and of music. See article on this page.

Rocker on GreenscreenBe a Rock Star!
Thanks to greenscreen technology, now you can be on your very own “bootleg” album cover with art by the legendary William Stout!!

  • Record wearing fig leaf.10am-1pm — Fandom Cover Art Contest Entries Taken
    Create an album art cover that will be seen by music lovers and music professionals. Our panel of record industry judges, led by Mike Bucayu, will choose a winner who will take home a $100 cash prize!

  • Record with dollar signNoon-1pm — Vinyl Appraisals by Matt Anthony
    Matt Anthony's
    a record shop owner, radio show host and DJ who will appraise your rare records.

  • 1pm-2pm — Jon Whyland: Audio Systems for Vinyl: The Terminology and Basics
    Jon Whyland
    will share his experience with vintage audio systems and explain some of the terminology used in the audio world so the process should be less intimidating for those wanting to start or upgrade their first audio system..

  • On the Record logo art2:30pm-4pm — Panel Discussion:  "On the Record with Rocko Jerome"
    Writer Rocko Jerome will host a VinylFest panel about Louisville's rich history of music stores and labels. Join with Mike Bucayu, head of the newly reformed Self Destruct Records, Heather Fox of LUMA (Louisville Underground Music Archive), and other local luminaries to be announced in a panel discussion about just what's made the Louisville scene tick for all these years.


Saturday After-Hours


The fun's just starting. Stay over for a night-full of entertainment!

  • Photo of the band Us.6pm-7pm — Concert by Us.
    The band Us. is playing a concert...and not only playing, but appearing throughout the weekend at Vinylfest, including at their album release party Saturday night!

  • Us. album cover art.7pm-7:30pm — Vinyl Release Party
    Yes, an album for Us., on vinyl, pressed by the good people at Musicol in Columbus, Ohio, through the generosity of sponsors VinylFest and the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Hotel. Join the party!

  • Photo of the Violet Knives band7:30pm-8:45pm — The Violet Knives In Concert
    With a combination of influences like Radiohead, the Beatles, Pixies & R.E.M., you know this indie rock band is gonna be one to watch. They released their debut full length album "Woman" last year and we're excited to bring them to VinylFest!

  • Photo of Steve Katz9pm-11pm — Steve Katz In Concert
    As a musician, Steve Katz was part of the multiple Grammy winning Blood, Sweat and Tears, the Blues Project and American Flyer. As a producer, Katz worked with Lou Reed and produced Rock & Roll Animal, Sally Can't Dance and Lou Reed Live. Steve will share his music and stories from a period of time which altered popular music forever and is deep in the age of classic vinyl!

  • 11pm-1am – The Vinyl Vault:
    Join us for a post concert gathering as we spin vinyl and show film from the vaults of some of our guests!


Sunday Daytime


Day Two: A whole new slate of daytime activities.

  • 10am-5pm — Dealer Room is Open!
    Scour our incredible room of dealers for great deals on vinyl records, posters, memorabilia and more!

  • 10am-5pm — Exhibits are Open
    See a collection of guitars, and even take home a "bootleg" album cover starring YOU!

  • Reel-to-reel tape and LP record with sound wave11am-Noon — Panel Discussion: "The Vinyl Frontier"
    Guests Cameron J. Henry (he's the vinyl mastering engineer at Welcome to 1979, an all analog recording studio located in Nashville), and Jay Millar (of United Pressing Records; the largest record pressing company in the United States) will be discussing vinyl & how we get that incredible sound!

  • LP record with dollar signNoon-1pm — Vinyl Appraisals by Matt Anthony
    Matt Anthony's
    a record shop owner, radio show host and DJ who will appraise your rare records. Bring 'em in!

  • V.I.P. Experience1pm-2pm — Hotel guests only: VIP Experience with Steve Katz
    Exclusive VIP Experience for Crowne Plaza Hotel guests only: An intimate meet & greet with legendary music guest Steve Katz!

  • 2pm — Fandom Album Art Contest Winner Announced!
    Just before the Caleb Jones concert we'll announce the album art contest winner who'll take home a $100 cash prize!

  • Caleb Jones & the Family Band2pm-3pm — Caleb Jones and the Family Band In Concert
    Caleb Jones & The Family Band
    is a collective music project based out of Lexington, KY, led by singer/songwriter Caleb Jones. Combining the structure and energy of a folk show with the disillusioned passion of an indie rock band, they create an atmosphere of joyful community and thoughtful independent resolution. They recently released a four song EP, and are currently working on their debut full-length, "I Close My Eyes and See Trees Growing and Everything Falling."

  • Reed Turchi photo3pm-4pm — TURCHI In Concert
    Reed Turchi
    is at the crossroads of American roots music. TURCHI blends slide-guitar boogie and kudzu-fuzz with storytelling and folk narrative. Emerging from a collage of influences including Mississippi Fred McDowell, RL Burnside, Randy Newman, Kenny Brown, and the North Mississippi Allstars, TURCHI embodies the scenes, sounds, and stories of the American landscape.

  • 5pm — Show Ends!

 Come back and see us in 2015!